Day One Leadership Community

Group of Day One Students

Mississippi State University is developing a can-do, action-oriented generation like no other...and leadership is its name. Welcome to the Day One Leadership Community, a state-of-the-art program designed specifically for incoming freshman-freshman who want to be a success, are willing to be challenged, and want to make a life-changing difference from the start of university life.

Who is Day One for?

Day One students learn to see the "big picture" and experience how to move forward. They are:

Day One Goals

In keeping with Mississippi State's commitment to its tradition of instilling among its students and alumni ideals of diversity, citizenship, leadership, and service, the Day One Leadership Community aspires to the following goals.


  1. Recruit a DIVERSE STUDENT BODY to MSU and enrich their APPRECIATION OF DIVERSITY by focusing on the unique opportunity Day One provides for students to develop their leadership potential
  2. Assist freshmen in their TRANSITION TO COLLEGE LIFE, by fostering a learning community providing faculty/staff and peer mentors, and connecting students with campus resources
  3. Introduce BASIC LEADERSHIP KNOWLEDGE and concepts to better prepare students for leadership roles in life
  4. Provide students with TEAM-BASED, STUDENT-DIRECTED SERVICE-LEARNING leadership opportunities with community partners
  5. Address and reinforce student CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY through service-learning commitments
  6. Expose students to REAL WORLD LEADERS
  8. Encourage student ENGAGEMENT IN LEADERSHIP roles within the university and all aspects of life
Students will learn and lead together. Photo #1

Students will learn and lead together.

Students will learn and lead together. Photo #2

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